GSI Outdoors Spice Rack

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  • Waterproof Salt+Pepper Shaker and 2 Universal spicers hold six different spices in individual compartments
  • 18 removable, pre-printed spice labels and 4, additional customizable labels.
  • Large and small screens for different spices
  • Loopable bandolier
  • Weight 3.5 ounces

Price: $8.59 (List Price:$8.59)
(as of 02/21/2018 07:02 UTC - Details)

Availability: unspecified
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GSI Outdoors Spice Rack 4.5 out of 5 based on 121 ratings. 0 user reviews
Plastic Spice Jars Spice Racks For Countertop GSI Outdoors Spice Rack $8.59
GSI Outdoors Spice Rack
GSI Outdoors

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